Loft Bed

  • $455.00

Our loft bed is perfect if you  are you in an apartment and can't spread out so the only way is up. Our Loft Bed is the answer to your space problems! With up to 45 inches of space under the bed you can put your sofa, desk, or chest of drawers. Some have even attached hanging bar for hanging their shorter  cloths like skirts, pants, jackets shirts, and blouses.

If the height you want is in between the numbers offered, just email after purchasing and we can adjust it to the height you want.

Our Loft platform bed is like our elevate platform bed but higher. A choice of  21 to 45 inches of Clearance. Add 4 inches to that to get the actual platform height. This is a excellent choice for small apartments and can have a sofa, des or or chest of drawers underneath.  Our Loft is a great space safer and storage solution.

45 inch clearance = 49  inch platform

Loft beds have 3 extra supports and larger legs.

Photo of varying sizes and heights and finishes.

 Contact us for specific sizing and shipping.

Frame measurements

Twin - 41.5 x 77.5
Twin - XL 41.5 x 82.5
Full - 56.5 x 77.5
Queen - 62.5  x 82.5
King - 78.5 x 82.5  (We recommend extra slats for the loft king bed.)

Headboard not included.

Pricing is for poplar wood unfinished (photos may show other woods)